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Books worth € 60.000 Donated by USLA(Schiedam)

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The initiative to start a textbook project by the United Sierra Leone Alliance Schiedam (USLA) emanated from some of our members studying at universities in the Netherlands who visited Sierra Leonean institutions early 2009. They realized that students and lecturers are still using out-dated academic books or pamphlets prepared by lecturers. The need arose to re-shape and  embed a textbook and computer collection project for Sierra Leonean institutions in the overall vision of USLA. 

This project has been a success as we have collected a net value of about 60000 euro worth of books in the discipline Medicines, Law ( international, Humanitarian and business law), General Management, Accounting and Financial management, Marketing, Supply chain management and public policy administration.  These books will benefit Fourah Bay college, IPAM, Njala university, College medicine and allies sciences, Milton Margai college of education and other newly developed institutions in Sierra Leone. The USLA in collaboration with the SLCU will ensure that these study materials reach the beneficiaries.

We therefore want to thank the following universities for donation:

A special thanks to Mr. Righters of Rotterdam Business school, the Sierra Leone Central Union executive, Mr Abu B. Bah (Chairman USLA) and Mr. Mohamed Alie of SLHO Rotterdam (shipper).