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About Sierra Leone Central Union - Holland

Our Vision

Sierra Leone Central Union (SLCU) is an umbrella organization of 14 registered Sierra Leonean organizations in Netherlands. Our vision is to unite and promote peace, unity and cooperation among all registered Sierra Leonean organizations in the Netherlands.


We support the integration of Sierra Leonean's in the Netherlands within the framework of the Dutch government policy and stimulate their active participation towards the development of Sierra Leone.

Our strategies

1. We create a peaceful and secure environment for our members and as a result we stimulate then to present initiatives during our meetings. The initiatives of members are use to develop projects and organize social and educative programs for Sierra Leonean and their Netherlands’s counterparts.

2. We inform our members to be critical and encourage them to invest their money, time and energy towards the social and economic development in Sierra Leone.

3. We stimulate information sharing and we mobilize human and financial resources of Sierra Leonean Diaspora in The Netherlands. (database of Sierra Leonean professionals and organizations in The Netherlands, in addition to micro-enterprise and investment projects and opportunities in Sierra Leone).

4. We develop instrument to facilitate the inclusion of women and children in the discussion making process.

5. We encourage and promote sport and culture through events and our Independent day.

6. We coordinate and mobilize people and institutions working for Sierra Leonean's in the Netherlands to promote their integration and the development in Sierra Leone.

7. We design and facilitate poverty eradication programs for the development of Sierra Leone within the framework of Sierra Leone Poverty Reduction Paper (SL-PRP) and the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).