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Our Achievements in 2007

Communicating the result of our achievement is a key weapon in building public confidence and influencing public opinion towards a  positive change. Our achievement can be categorized in four different areas namely:

1. Organizational capacity of the SLCU

    • The Logo and motto of the SLCU was established;
    • A research was carried out amongst members of the Tilburg Union to gather knowledge about strategies to beef up the capacity of the SLCU and to strengthen its public image. The outcome of this report is being used to transform SLCU into a dynamic organization;
    • The SLCU constitutional review: The SLCU constitution has been proven to be too flexible, making it vulnerable to indiscipline and contempt from its members. To bring sanity, order and discipline, the SLCU executive is reviewing the constitution to give both the executive and the general members the mandate to enforce the rule of law. In this regard, the SLCU has organized two workshops and the third workshop is coming up in Utrecht;
    • The setting up of an advisory council: An advisory council consisting of Sierra Leone elders with talents and experience has been appointed to advise the executive on strategic issues;
    • We designed and opened SLCU website to give and share information about actual development in the Globe;
    • We welcome Leiden Union into SLCU as a new member;
    • The SLCU executive was invited to lunch the Sierra Leonean Alliance in Schiedam.

2. Our social activities

  • The SLCU introduced this year the Central Activity Agenda (CAA). The introduction of the CAA means that, the date, place and address of all social and cultural activities of the sister unions and their members in the country shall be registered, updated and published on our website. This can be used by the social or public relation officer of the different unions in planning the date of their activities;
  • We organized a successful independent show in Tilburg and a spectacular outing in Best.

3. Accelerating development in Sierra Leone

  • The SLCU organized a charity in Rotterdam to call on God to guide the election process in Sierra Leone. Visitors at this gathering were asked to donate money for the purchase of 100 bags of rice for the amputees in Grafton;
  • Another appeal recently  by the SLCU to our Muslim brothers and sisters to donate their zakat to the amputees in Grafton;
  • A development committee consisting of  a member from all organizations was set up to brainstorm on a development project to facilitate structurally help in Sierra Leone. The committee voted to construct a vocational school in Port Loko district.

4. Advocating for the plight of refugees

  • Several letters has been sent to the Sierra Leonean embassy in Brussels to bring their attention on the plight of Sierra Leonean being captured and imprisoned by the Dutch foreign police.

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