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Our challenges

1. The involvement of women

The involvement of women in the general and executive council of the SLCU executive has always and still remains a problem for the SLCU. Several attempts to incorporate women into the SLCU has been made but the result is still negative. Almost all the executive members of the SLCU comprises of men. We are still looking out for able and committed women willing to take up positions in the SLCU. We are therefore appealing to all organizations to select or elect able women as their delegates and to encourage their full participation in SLCU decision-making.

2. Coordinating the date of party and disco of other members

There is consistence problems facing some sister unions and their members every year, in planning and coordinating their annual activities with other sister unions in the country. In most cases, the dates of marriages, children party or annual shows do coincide with parties and shows of other unions around. The effect of this is some times devastating especially for unions, hoping to attract a larger number of Sierra Leonean public to generate money needed to sustain their programs. The SLCU has identified this problem and decided to use a Central Activity Agenda (CAA) as a solution. The introduction of the CAA means that, the date, place and address of all social and cultural activities of the sister unions and their members in the country shall be registered, updated and published on our website at: www. slcu. nl. This can be used by the social or public relation officer of the different unions in planning the date of their activities.

3. The SLCU Secretariat

The SLCU cannot be effectively administered without an organized structure. And that structure can only be facilitated through the establishment of an office. An office that is visible and strategically located in one of the cities in the Netherlands. An office that is open to both members, external partners and other national or international institutions. The functions of the secretariat to name but a few should be:

1. Mapping out strategies for the implementation of the strategic plan and projects of the Central Union.

2. Coordinate activities and programs of all unions, report and evaluate the progress.

3. Serving as a center for Sierra Leone information dissemination service for both Sierra Leoneans and their developmental partners.

4. Linking with Governmental and Non-governmental organizations in the Netherlands and at home.

The SLCU has since its establishment functioned as an independent body. This means that, it has been able, through its fundraising activities to perform its functions and task at its own pace using its own resources. But, as an umbrella organization, more is expected from the SLCU. The link to organizations here and at home is yet to be established and there is no better foundation to facilitate this process.

However, with the concerted effort of the executive of the SLCU, progress has been made as described in this website. We would continue to identify areas of strategic interest, support programs linking up with both Governmental and Non-governmental organizations in the Netherlands and at home for both financial and non-financial support.