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1. SLCU Constitutional Review

The SLCU constitution has been completed.  To achieve this result, an average of four constitutional workshops was organized and hosted by different organizations in their respective cities. All delegates were given the opportunity during these workshops to present their ideas and opinions. Sometimes, voting was conducted to change, add or remove certain articles in the constitution .Where there was  a  tie, the President was asked to use his veto power to ensure an agreement. 

In the end, a draft constitution was compiled and all delegates were asked to thoroughly discuss the content with their members and then present feedback to the Secretariat on the 29th February, 2008. No feedbacks were presented. Therefore, organizations signed and endorsed the document.

The 3rd Constitutional Review workshop in Utrecht - 27th October, 2007

The Secretariat is inviting Members of the SLCU Delegates and members of the Advisory Council to the constitutinal review workshop

Date: 27 October, 2007

Time: 14.00