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Honourable Edie Turay, House Speaker promised to call on the Minister of Foreign affairs to answer questions about the refugee situation in parliament .. More

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AUXFIN and SLCU would like to cooperate in order to bring the POST UMVA service to SLCU’s member associations and their individual members, allowing them to benefit from it. Both Parties express their interest to provide the services and products in relation to the UMVA platform. Register now Umva platform:

In order to facilitate and materialise the huge social and economic impact that remittances can have in Sierra Leone, AUXFIN together with Salpost developed a service under the name POST UMVA. It is the intention of Salpost and AUXFIN to achieve a situation where all inhabitants of Sierra Leone from 15 and above will have a financial transaction account that can be used to receive local and international funds.

Moreover, the service is designed in such a way that it brings significant benefits especially to the Diaspora of Sierra Leone, and their family members in Sierra Leone. POST UMVA provides them with the flexibility to use their funds the best possible way according to their needs and goals (amongst others to keep savings on a post bank account in Sierra Leone, to invest in housing, to directly pay school fees, to pay for health and insurance, to pay electricity bills, to donate to social projects or to send it to family to buy food) against a small annual membership fee.

SLCU & IOM hold kick of meeting for the CD$D programme for sierra leone

By ODA Communications Unit

The Sierra Leone Central Union in the Netherlands and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on Friday 23rd September 2016 held a Kick-off Meeting for Sierra Leonean Professionals in Holland that have interests to participate in the new Connecting Diaspora 4 Development (CD4D) Programme.


The meeting which took place at the World Trade Centre in The Hague attracted Sierra Leonean Professionals with qualifications in different filed of studies, also other stakeholders including Officials of the Sierra Leone Embassy in Brussels and some members of the Dutch Government.

The Purpose of the meeting is to enhance the provision of detailed sector information on capacity gaps in the Health, Agriculture and Education sectors in Sierra Leone, provide information on opportunities for diaspora experts to contribute to the development of Sierra Leone through the CD4D project. Also the meeting was conveyed to facilitate networking and partnerships between Sierra Leone professionals in the diaspora and other stakeholders in the Netherlands

According to the Chairman of the Sierra Leone Central Union, Abubakarr Bangura the CD4D programme for Sierra Leone is initially aimed at engaging 50 Sierra Leonean Diaspora professionals residing in the Netherlands and other EU countries for the development and capacity in the Health, Agriculture and Education sector of the country. ’’ We had a successful meeting and thirty Sierra Leonean professionals have registered to participate so far ’’ Mr Bangura explained.

Mean while, CD4D is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and it’s a continuation of IOM’s successful TRQN (Temporary Return of Qualified Nationals) project. The new project will connect diaspora experts with Dutch residency to key institutions that have been identified by the six target countries including Sierra Leone. IOM will work with these institutions to build capacity through diaspora engagement.

Sierra Leone Diaspora Information Meeting

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in The Netherlands and The Sierra Leone Central Union (SLCU) will work in tandem to organize the Sierra Leone Diaspora Information Meeting for Sierra Leonean professionals with Dutch residence that are interested in the Connecting Diaspora for Development Project (CD4D).

23 September 2016
15.00 hrs - 19.00 hrs.

World Trade Center, The Hague (19 floor)
Prinses Beatrixlaan 582, 2595 BM The Hague

Guest speaker: HE. Hon. Ambassador Ibrahim Sorie, Sierra Leone Ambassador to The Kingdom of Belgium and The EU

The meeting is intended to:

D4D is a demand-driven project for addressing capacity-building needs in selected priority institutions in countries of origin. The project enables diaspora professionals to use their expertise, skills and network for the development of their country of origin. For Sierra Leone the focus is on capacity building of institutions in the Health, Education and Agriculture sector.

CD4D is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Development and International Trade.


Please send an email to IOM at:
Please indicate your name, email, telephone, education and professional experience:

More information Contact IOM: Zia Gulam: | +31 70 3181500
Contact SLCU: Abubakarr Bangura; Tel: +31-627284025

Press Releases

Sierra Leone Central Union’s First ever Independence Day Symposium in Breda

Date:             2nd May, 2009
Place:           Ontmoetingscentrum Incom
J. F  Kennedylaan 36
4811ET Breda
Time:            14.00 to 19.00 hours

This Symposium will bring together highly ranked speakers, policy analysts, students, practitioners and the committee of experts from different parts of the country to discuss ways of forging ahead in a new direction and strengthening the pivotal role of the Sierra Leone Central Union in the Netherlands (SLCU.


  1. Presenting the SLCU as a unique partner in strengthening Transnational relations between Sierra Leonean, institutions in Netherlands and the Sierra Leone Embassy in Brussels.
  2. Presenting the positive and negative pictures of the Sierra Leone’s Independence.
  3. Brainstorming the roles of Sierra Leonean NGOs and their integration into the SLCU.
  4. Brainstorming the effect(s) of the Special Court for Sierra Leone on Sierra Leoneans living in Netherlands.
  5. Discussing the role of transnational entrepreneurship in accelerating economic participation of Sierra Leonean Diasporas in the Netherlands.


The Symposium will comprise of a combination of plenary presentations and open discussion focusing on the above objectives.


This information would be used for our future planning in organizing programs geared towards promoting and serving the needs of Sierra Leoneans living both in Netherlands and Sierra Leone. In this vein, we desire to set the basis for further discussions and active participations of both the Sierra Leonean youth community and their Netherlands counterpart in maintaining and advancing a structural relationship between the two countries.

The detailed programme will be available in the near future.

For more info contact: 0633781527/0641758904/0643521259/0646778919


Sierra Leone Central Union, An organization based in the Netherlands, has donated 200 brand new guitars to different Church organizations and Institutions of higher learning across the country.

According to the Secretary General of the organization, Abubakarr Bangura, the gesture was to help promote music in the country and is one of many donations that they will be donating as time goes on.

"This not the first time that we are donating to our people we have donated several items to the amputees, war wounded and the disabled organizations
in Sierra Leone," he said.

He said many organizations has also benefited from the gift they were sending into the country for distribution free of cost.
“We hope to continue assisting our Sierra Leonean brothers and sisters in different areas.
We are much more concern about the current status of Sierra Leoneans," he said.

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Press Release

SLCU visit to the newly appointed Ambassador in Brussels was a positive venture.

By Abubakarr
Place: Tilburg
Date: 20/06/08

A delegation from the SLCU visited the new Sierra Leone Ambassador Dr. Christian Kargbo in Brussels on the 20th of June, 2008. The visit was aimed at strengthening the relationship with the Sierra Leonean Embassy.

ambassador During this visit, a brief background presentation of the SLCU, its achievements, plans and challenges in the coming years was presented to the Ambassador. Ambassador

In his remarks, the Ambassador expressed his appreciation of what the SLCU is doing and vowed to engage in a structural relationship with the SLCU. And to maximize the relationship, the SLCU would in the future coordinate all developmental projects with the Embassy and also visit the Embassy periodically. During these visits, progressive reports of our programs would be discussed and evaluated. Furthermore, new strategies to strengthen our organizational structure shall be formulated.

More about this article in PDF.....

Workshop Training

Training Workshop
Topic: Project writing and sponsorship
Venue: Tilburg

One of the goals of the SLCU this year is to design and implement the constructions of a vocational school project at Lungi/Freetown Sierra Leone. To achieve this, the SLCU in collaboration with the Centre for International Development in Tilburg, has just concluded a one day training session.

This workshop training was primarily organized for members of the Sierra Leone Central Union (SLCU) developmental committee. The aim of this training was to allow the committee members to gain knowledge about project writing, facilitating sponsorship and implementation of the project in Sierra Leone.

The training module was intended to actively engage participant during the presentations of the Facilitators. Amongst the Facilitators was Mr. Mark from the Lilane funds Organisation. He gave a presentation about their organization and talked about key areas we could possibly work together in order to promote sustainable partnership in the implementation of our vocational school project in Sierra Leone.

The Training was held on Saturday 6th September, 2008 and there were nine participants and three Facilitators.

Workshop Photo Album

Send an email at:

News in brief

1. The Chairman and Vice Chairman of SLCU (Medoski and Patty) are both in Sierra Leone to facilitate the vocational school project at Lungi. A meeting between the youths, paramount chief and parliamentarian was held on the 23 July at Lungi.  Reaction according to the SLCU Chairman was excellent and warm.

2. A project proposal to train executive members of SLCU and the youth organisation at Lungi on strategic management, finances, effective planning, evaluation and effect communication has been writing and presented to Cordaid. A response to the proposal is expected in Augustus.
This is a capacity development programme design to facilitate the development of a vocational school at Lungi.

3. 6500 euro has been provided by SLCU as subsidies to 10 member organisations how have sign the SLCU constitution.

  1. Sierra Leone Descendants Organisation – Breda.
  2. United Sierra Leonean Alliance - Schiedam(Our Youngest Member).
  3. Mensen in Actie Netherlands - Eindhoven.
  4. Sierra Leone Organisation - Helmond.
  5. Sierra Leone Humanitarian Association - Leiden.
  6. Club Sierra Leone Nederland - Nijmegen.
  7. Sierra Leone Progressive Union - Tilburg.
  8. Sierra Leone Association - Utrecht.
  9. Sierra Leone Humanitarian Association – Valkenswaard
  10. Sierra Leone Organization - Arnherm

The subsidies are part of the profite made during this year outing and after outing disco in June and are meant to beef up the financial capabilities of member organisations.

4. The next SLCU general meeting shall be held in Eindhoven on the first Sunday of October. The address and time shall be made available to members very soon.

By: Abubakarr


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