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Opportunity! Opportunity!

Highly qualified Sierra Leoneans with a Dutch nationality or a permanent Dutch resident permit to benefit from the TRQN project of the IOM.

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Brief News

The Chairman and Vice Chairman of SLCU (Medoski and Patty) are both in Sierra Leone to facilitate the vocational school project at Lungi. A meeting between the youths, paramount chief and parliamentarian was held on the 23 July at Lungi.  Reaction according to the SLCU Chairman was excellent and warm.

A project proposal to train executive members of SLCU and the youth organisation at Lungi on strategic management, finances, effective planning, evaluation and effect communication has been writing and presented to Cordaid. A response to the proposal is expected in Augustus.
This is a capacity development programme design to facilitate the development of a vocational school at Lungi.

3. 6500 euro has been provided by SLCU as subsidies to 10 member organisations how have sign the SLCU constitution.

  1. Sierra Leone Descendants Organisation – Breda.
  2. United Sierra Leonean Alliance - Schiedam(Our Youngest Member).
  3. Mensen in Actie Netherlands - Eindhoven.
  4. Sierra Leone Organisation - Helmond.
  5. Sierra Leone Humanitarian Association - Leiden.
  6. Club Sierra Leone Nederland - Nijmegen.
  7. Sierra Leone Progressive Union - Tilburg.
  8. Sierra Leone Association - Utrecht.
  9. Sierra Leone Humanitarian Association – Valkenswaard
  10. Sierra Leone Organization - Arnherm

The subsidies are part of the profite made during this year outing and after outing disco in June and are meant to beef up the financial capabilities of member organisations.

4. The next SLCU general meeting shall be held in Eindhoven on the first Sunday of October. The address and time shall be made available to members very soon.

By: Abubakarr