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What is the Sierra Leonean Community in The Netherlands doing to battle the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone?

SLCU Chairman latest visit to Sierra Leone

SLCU at work in Sierra Leone

Distributing food & WakaWaka Lamp to the most vulnerable in Siera Leone.

SLCU & WakaWaka joined hands to help fight ebola.

SLCU would like to inform MEMBERS that a total number of 2000 WakaWaka Lights with a financial value of EUR 50.000 are on the ground in Freetown, Sierra Leone. In collaboration with the German organization GIZ and other grass root organizations, we will be distributing these solar lights to health workers, clinics, Ebola campaign teams, poor households and educational institutions in all districts in Sierra Leone.

The Ebola crisis in West Africa has brought to our attention the need to respond to the challenges in finding ways to contain the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone. In collaboration with the Wakawaka foundation in The Netherlands, The Sierra Leone Central Union have chosen to take immediate action to address this problem.

Help Us with Used Clothing for Sierra Leone;

Sierra Leoneans in The Netherlands are united in the fight against the Ebola outbreak. Concrete actions have been taken to manifest our desirer as One People. Below are a summary of the actions we have taken!.


Organizational Structure

To ensure a structural approach to the issue, a committee consisting of both the Sierra Leone Central Union Ebola Taskforce and the Ebola Champagne Team Holland has been set up. The committee’s task is to raise awareness on the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone and at the same time map out concrete actions that will help the government and people of Sierra Leone eradicate the deadly disease.


Champagne Mechanism

  1. A special meeting on Ebola was organized in Amsterdam and concrete ideas for intervention highlighted.
  2. A special Ebola face book page has been opened in order to give information on Ebola and actions taken by both the government of Sierra Leone, The International Community and the joint Ebola Committee.
  3. We are currently debating on the idea for a peaceful match on Ebola in The Hague.


  1. A special bank account has been provided by S.L.C.U to allow people to donate to the Ebola Appeal Fund. ING NL94 INGB-0007 2101 81
  2. A backup letter requesting for assistance has been prepared and forwarded to all S.L.C.U organizations for onward submission to other institutions in their various communities. We are in regular contact with all organizations for follow-up activities.
  3. S.L.C.U has decided to donate an X % of its outing profit to Ebola appeal fund.
  4. We are also reaching out to companies and Dutch NGO’s for support in the fight against these deadly diseases.
  5. Finally, There is a planned meeting on the 17 of August. We will discuss during this meeting on the total finance and materials been donated to the Ebola Fund. The conclusion of this meeting and package will be communicated to all and will be presented to HE Ambassador Ibrahim Sorie in Brussels for further action.


  1. We are working with the Sierra Leonean embassy in Brussels to give more strength on the Ebola champagne. We have been able to get specific materials from the embassy that will guide us in the champagne and the mobilization of resources.
  2. We have contacted our partner Sierra Leonean organizations in Belgium and France for a joint action on the Ebola issue.
  3. We have also contacted the Liberian Diaspora community for information exchange on Ebola support.

Former SLCU Chairman in Ebola Action