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Current state of School project

Sierra Leone Vocational school project kicks off

Sierra Leone, despite its verse deposits of mineral resources has today been classified and ranged as one of the poorest countries in the world according to recent UN human development index. Internal, regional and micro-economic under-development is worsening the situation, leaving untold human sufferings in the country after the 10 year civil war. The time stretch of political ups and downs coupled with ill disposed governance system and a seeming less attention to youth employment leaves the people consumed by hopelessness. Facilitating and mobilizing support for our country’s good is our major focus. To achieve this, a Development Committee consisting of members from all SLCU sister organizations was set up to brainstorm on a development project for Sierra Leone. The committee voted unanimously to design and construct a Vocational School in Port Loko District. In December 2008, a need assessment research was carried out in Lungi /Port Loko district to gather data on this plan. The outcome was positive. The school is needed in the area to support and improve on skills training in the areas of agriculture, IT and sport. The SLCU would support the local community in Lungi in the strive to achieving this goal.

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Between 2009 and 2011 the SLCU would:

  1. Train executive members of the SLCU in managing this project;
  2. Invite the Sierra Leone minister of education to the Netherlands to meet with SLCU members, Dutch students and would involve him in the designing and implementation of this project;
  3. Train lecturers at Milton Margai College of Education Technology and equipe them with the right tools to be used in designing the school’s curriculum;
  4. 4. Train executive members of the youth organisations in Lungi in the management of this project;
  5. Buy building material to construct a 6 class room structure, sport hall, school garden and a library for the target groups in Lungi;
  6. Support the opening and commissioning of the school.
  7. Finally support the running cost of the school for a year after which it will be handed in to government through the ministry of education.

Your donation is welcome at Bank account number: 5056071 Post bank, Breda.