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Support One of our projects and give hope to those in need!!

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Appeal to save Mustapha`s life !!

Mustapha in his hospital bed

Mustafa Sesay is twelve years old and chronically suffering from “Hodgkin cancer” and Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (TB). He is currently admitted at the Sophia Children Hospital Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The doctor has informed the parents ( Mohamed Kabah Sesay & Mariatu Kargbo) that Mustafa has only six weeks more to live.

My dear Sierra Leonean brothers and sisters, the suffering of our younger brother Mustapha Sesay is our problem. The financial target is to raise at least 4000 euro this week, which represents 1 euro for every Sierra Leonean in the Netherlands.

Please help us reach that goal with your pledge. The need is real, urgent and we need your help.  Please share this incredible journey with us - by supporting SLCU in its fundraising efforts.

For smooth collection of donations, we will prefer if these donations can be coordinated by all Chairmen of the various SLCU organizations. The SLCU welfare secretary has requested all organizations to either transfer their money into the bank account of SLCU or give it in cash. The due date for this is on the 27th April 2011. You can bring your cash donations to Brussels and give it in person to either the SLCU Welfare secretary, Financial Secretary or the Treasurer. We want to make an official presentation to the family after that date as a union.

Cancer is the leading cause of death amongst Africans living in The Netherlands. It is the biggest problem that Diasporas has ever been confronted with. We have to do something bold about an issue that so few people talk about.  We must take dramatic action, enact policies and reach out to friends to help create an outlet to make Cancer preventable.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.