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My speech to commemorate the celebration of the international day of remittance in sierra leone on the 16th of june, 2016. . !


His Excellency
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me first of all use this opportunity to thank and congratulate the organizers (Auxfin The Netherlands, SALPOST, The Office of The Diaspora and the Ministry of Information) for putting together this event to celebrate the first International Day of Remittance in Sierra Leone on the 16 of June, 2016.  

The International Day of Remittance is a day that will allow us to pause, reflect and show cases the productive contribution of Sierra Leonean diaspora for poverty elevation and sustainable development in Sierra Leone.

The celebration of this day at the Bank of Sierra Leone complex and the launching of UMVA, a money transfer tool for Sierra Leoneans diaspora are a clear manifestation of the importance that the government of Sierra Leone is now given to remittance for development impact. UMVA is a Dutch initiative.

The first pilot project for Sierra Leonean diaspora is been carried out in The Netherlands in collaboration with The SLCU. The SLCU is currently serving as a promotional platform to reach out to members of the Sierra Leonean diaspora in the Netherlands. The process as started and we will continue to amplify the importance of UMVA for the target group to use the system to facilitate and fast track formal money transfer in the country to foster development.

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Sierra LeoneCentral Union Annul Summer Outing - 2016!

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Sierra LeoneCentral Union After Outing Show 2016!

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Speech delivered by the SLCU Chairman upon receiving the AWOL Continental Europe Award for Diaspora Organizations!
Date: 2nd April, 2016
Place: Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Distinguished chief patron, ladies and gentlemen, let me use this opportunity to congratulate the organisers of this event! Ladies and gentlemen, this award is for you; SLCU founding father, SLCU members and allies in the NL and across Europe! The award reaffirms our leading role in mobilizing diaspora support for our country!

A well organised and relatively peaceful SIERRA LEONE community in the NL and the completion of the first class vocational institute in SIERRA LEONE are concrete and visible outcomes of our collective endeavours. Distinguished chief patron, ladies and gentlemen let me once more say thank you to the organisers of this wonderful event! Bravo to you all and God bless our community in the Netherlands!

Abubakarr Bangura

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Posted by Babasheq Sheq Alie on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

S.L.C.U AGRO-VOCATIONAL INSTITUTE OPENING CEREMONY!!! Monday 4th January 2016 the SLCU vocational school in Lungi was...

Posted by Slcu Holland on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Annual Summer outing was a success!

Thank you all

Thanks You all

S.L.C.U Press Statement!

On behalf of our Chairman Abubakar Bangura and the entire executive of the Sierra Leone Central Union in Holland, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to your kind and continuing support to our annual outing and show. The message you the Sierra Leonean community in the diasporas sent yesterday is sound and clear, we don`t want to be divided, we want to live in peace and unity regardless of our tribe, religion and political affiliation. By and large, the 2015 outing and show went spectacularly well in the presence of many people of whom many hundreds were children.

It was the most impressive event by a mile not only from our point of view, but also from the feedback that we received from many spectators and participants who expressed their joy. As expected, it was a great pleasure to see people from all walks of life and people with differing views on social and political life mingling with each other and enjoying an atmosphere of common identity with servings of a variety and delicious Sierra Leonean food.

Despite some weaknesses, it would not be exaggerating to say that it was the most enjoyable mass social gathering of Sierra Leoneans here in Europe. We have been fortunate enough to be backed by a team of very motivated and dedicated groups and individual’s especially in Holland and all over the world. If it had not been for them, it would not have been successful.

Therefore, we cannot thank everyone enough for their involvement and their willingness to take on the completion of tasks beyond their comfort zones. If we however, continue to do it this way then we can go a long way to meet fully the objective of the union, that of bringing our community together, utilize its potential fully and continue to make positive contributions to the generation to come and at the same time helping back home. Finally we will like to give spcial thank to the organizing team for job well done.


Executive Appointments 2013

Dear All,

Allow me express my respect and gratitude for leading your organization, a constituent member organization of the Sierra Leone Central Union (SLCU), our common platform organization.

Kindly find a list of positions in the SLCU executive board, to be formed soon. This list has been forwarded to SLCU Advisory Council in line with the SLCU Constitution.

No Position Organization Status


Organizing Secretary


Position accepted by the chairlady of Tilburg



Auditor 3



Position accepted by the Chairman of Eindhoven




Position accepted by the Chairman of Amsterdam



Assistant Organizing


Position accepted by the Chairman of Helmond


Pro and Women’s Wing


Position accepted by the Chairman of Enschede


Finance Secretary


Position accepted by the elder onbehalve of the Chairman of Nijmegen


Assistant Finance

Assistant Welfare


Position accepted by the chairlady of Leiden


Development and Research Secretary


To be discuss during SLHO general meeting


Welfare Secretary


To be discuss during SLOD general meeting


Assistant Pro

Assistance Women’s Wing


Position accepted by the Chairman of Utrecht


Assistant Development and research

Auditor 2


Position accepted by the Chairman of Schiedam


Chief Auditor


Position accepted by the Chairman of Breda




Position accepted by the Chairman of Arnhem

Humanitarian call for Mr. Alusine Kargbo

Dear brothers and sisters,

This is a humanitarian call for help from Club Sierra Leone in Nijmegen to inform SLCU, SLDH, all sisteer organisations and individuals about a very sad news received by the executive and members of the above name organisation.

Help a brotherMr. Alusine Kargbo (photo) is a Sierra Leonean living in Nijmegen. Mr. Alusine Kargbo is seriously sick. He is diagnosed with acute liver and kidney damage which has also lead to the destructions of other vital organs in his system. The disease has affected him mentally and physically. Due to his mental situation Mr. Alusine has loudly cry to the organisation for help. The only help he needs is to help him go home and die there.

According to medical report Mr. Alusine Kargbo has at least a month to live. Club Sierra Leone has listened to Mr. Kargbo's request which lead to a speedy executive meeting.

The executive has therefore decided to contact the SLCU, the SLDH, all sister organisations and individuals to donate whatever amount they could so that we can send Mr. Kargbo to Sierra Leone.

Mr. Kargbo because of his mental and physical situation, he will be accompanied by Mr. Alfred a close friend of Mr. Alusine Kargbo. Bank account of Club Sierra Leone-Netherlands is 8622929.

Club Sierra Leone is hopefully looking forward to positive cooperations from all concern.

Kind regards,
The Secretary Club Sierra Leone-Netherlands Nijmegen
Contact: 0622488369 - 0644133059 - 0626041534 - 0684493857 - 0685866865 - 0684717842

First round of peace negotiations between


give peace a chanceOn Sunday, 29th April 2011, the first round of negotiations between members of the Sierra Leone Central Union (SLCU) and the other organizations (SLDH) in Den Haag was brought to a successful conclusion. Thanks to the mediatory role of the Sierra Leone Muslim Brotherhood.

The conclusion was reached after seven hours of intense and strenuous negotiation that continued late into the evening at the Mosque. The SLCU chairman, M.T.Bangura confirmed during this meeting, that he was willing to dissolve his current executive and form a new one. The new cabinet should include members of SLDH. This step according to the chairman is intended to unite Sierra Leoneans in the country and intensify the effort of developing Sierra Leone. The other party welcomed the idea, but announced that, they would first have to consult their members and respond before 25th June.

Both parties expressed gratitude towards the Muslim brotherhood as a patient facilitator and strong supporter of the peace process. The participation of the women reflected the support given to the ongoing peace process. Even though the conclusion of the first round of negotiation is an important step in the right direction, it is important to have realistic expectation. Both parties have a long road ahead. The Muslim Brotherhood intends to continue supporting both parties as the negotiation continue.
SLCU is confident that a final peace agreement can be reached within the shortest possible time.

Important Notice

  1. While awaiting a positive response from the SLDH, the SLCU will like to request a seize fire

from its supporters. That is to say, the ongoing email attacks of supporters from both sides should stop immediately to respect the current peace process.

  1. SLCU will also use this opportunity to announce its Outing and After Outing Show of
    25 June at

E-strand. Buivensedreef 10
5221 RN Eersel / Eindhooven
You are all welcome.                                                                           


Sad to announce the death of Mustapha !!

Mustapha in his hospital bed

Dear Sir/madam,
We regret to announce the death of Mustafa Sesay son of Mr. Mohamed & Mrs. Mariatu Sesay.
Date: 19th May 2011
Place: Lungi, Sierra Leone

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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First female President of SLPU Elected

slpu interim PresidentIt gives me great pleasure to extend to Madam Victoria Valdavis on behalf of the SLCU Secretariat our warmest and most sincere congratulations, following her  election  as the first female President of the Sierra Leone Progressive Union (SLPU) in Tilburg.

“The historical assumption to this high office by a woman is a symbol of pride not only to SLCU in general but to us in Tilburg. It is certainly atestimony of further hope, and I am confident that the policies which you have envisioned for SLPU will allow for continuity,  stability and even greater economic and social progress.

Like you, we also believe that equal opportunities for women participation are an essential principle for democracy, and I am confident that under your leadership, SLPU will be able to consolidate its place as an important partner to SLCU.

It is my wish that the ties of friendship and cooperation between SLPU and SLCU will be developed during your tenure of office. We look forward to working closely with you to find innovative ways that will contribute to the further strengthening of ties between our institutions and peoples.


Central Union Executive meets President Ernest Koroma

SLCU executive  members meeting in Brussels with the president of Sierra Leone, His excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.

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Foundation stone laid for Vocational School.

Development experts in Sierra Leone are concerned that too many youths are leaving high school without the skills necessary to ensure their economic welfare.  The construction of a Voc Tech school in Lungi is part of SLCU broader social and economic policy to contribute to national economic and industrial development of Sierra Leone.

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SLCU-Holland Independence Symposium.

By Abubakar Koroma,
Dordrecht, the Netherlands.

In celebrating the 49th Independence Anniversary of our beloved nation, the Sierra Leone Central Union-Holland (SLCU) once again organised a symposium (1st May) which brought together different stakeholders in the Diaspora to discuss what they described as a “new direction to strengthen the pivotal role of the SLCU” as a parent organization for the progress of the nation.

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Independent Day Celebration in Belgium

“Sierra Leone is paradise on earth”-Ambassador Kargbo
By Chernor Ojuku Sesay,
Brussels, Belgium - 
Wednesday 28 April 2010

Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium and the European Union, Dr. Christian Sheka Kargbo has described Sierra Leone as a paradise on earth and has extendsed an open invitation to all, especially the Europeans who’ve never been there to visit the country and prove a point.

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SLCU in Germany

The chairman of the SLCU Mr Mohamed Tislimi Bangura was accompanied in Germany on the 11th of April 2010 by Mr. Lamin Sesay Treasurer, Mr Abdul Malik Cee Social Secretary and Mr Brima Y. Kanu adviser/ elders. The purpose of the journey is to promote the activities of the SLCU especially the 49th Independent Anniversary which is closely around the corner.
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Death of Mr. Moses Mansaray

Dear All,

Sunday 28/4/ 2010 we learned of the unfortunate and untimely death of SLCU coordinator in Sierra Leone Mr. Moses Mansaray. There are no words to describe the utter grief that I am feeling right now, and I cannot possibly imagine the shock and sorrow on the family and friends as well.
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SLCU Chairman and Vice in Sierra Leone

1. The Chairman and Vice Chairman of SLCU (Medoski and Patty) are both in Sierra Leone to facilitate the vocational school project at Lungi. A meeting between the youths, paramount chief and parliamentarian was held on the 23 July at Lungi.  Reaction according to the SLCU Chairman was excellent and warm.

Training of SLCU Executive Members

A project proposal to train executive members of SLCU and the youth organisation at Lungi on strategic management, finances, effective planning, evaluation and effect communication has been writing and presented to Cordaid. A response to the proposal is expected in Augustus.
This is a capacity development programme design to facilitate the development of a vocational school at Lungi.

3. 6500 euro has been provided by SLCU as subsidies to 10 member organisations how have sign the SLCU constitution.

  1. Sierra Leone Descendants Organisation – Breda.
  2. United Sierra Leonean Alliance - Schiedam(Our Youngest Member).
  3. Mensen in Actie Netherlands - Eindhoven.
  4. Sierra Leone Organisation - Helmond.
  5. Sierra Leone Humanitarian Association - Leiden.
  6. Club Sierra Leone Nederland - Nijmegen.
  7. Sierra Leone Progressive Union - Tilburg.
  8. Sierra Leone Association - Utrecht.
  9. Sierra Leone Humanitarian Association – Valkenswaard
  10. Sierra Leone Organization - Arnherm

The subsidies are part of the profite made during this year outing and after outing disco in June and are meant to beef up the financial capabilities of member organisations.

SLCU General Meeting Schedule

The next SLCU general meeting shall be held in Eindhoven on the first Sunday of October. The address and time shall be made available to members very soon.

By: Abubakarr