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Slcu-Clozet institute - Lungi Project Report & Updates


Our collective achievement is a cause to celebrate!




Development experts in Sierra Leone are concerned that too many youths are leaving high school without the skills necessary to ensure their economic welfare.  The construction of a Voc Tech school in Lungi is part of SLCU broader social and economic policy to contribute to national economic and industrial development of Sierra Leone. The construction of the first building and opening of the school in January, 2016 is a cause to celebrate!

Our school at Lungi is a story of hope– a hope shared by SLCU and so many of us. This is because what we have been able to achieve so far is for all of us, the construction of the wonderful school at Lungi was made possible only through the continuous participation of all of us.

The most important fact about the construction of this school and its management, is that they are not my achievements, they are our achievements! They are SLCU’s achievements!
Step by step, we built something important, something that lays the foundation for irreversible improvements in the lives of our youth at Wasaya and Lungi! We have worked hard for this, we kept the faith, we kept moving forward – this is how we achieved all this!

Together we are changing lives at Wasaya, one individual at a time. These are our achievements! This is why I will keep talking about them – because when I talk about them I am honouring each and every one of you. I thank you all for the wonderful support to run the school at Lungi.


Your Chairman,
Abubakarr Bangura

Below is our school report. The report is divided into three phases

Phase 1 was implemented in 2009, 2010/11

This phase consisted of the following activities and financial report of the phase.

  1. Spade work to get the land at Wasaya in collaboration with CLOZET in Lungi
  2. The construction of four different foundation buildings for the construction of 2 class room of office space (building 1 and 2)) Libery and Kantine, building 3 and  guest house, building

Phase 1 was supported by Cordaid, the Netherlands and SLCU. Total cash disbursed in 2009, 2010/11 for the school project in Sierra Leone is 21.770 euro - 95% of all receipts are available.


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Phase 2

Phase 2 was implemented in 2013 and 2015

This phase consisted of the following activities:


  1. The construction and completion of  building 1 which consisted of four class rooms and 2 rooms office spaces.
  2. The construction of a self contained quest house consisting of 2 bed rooms and  pallow(not yey completed).
  3. The construction of a 5 rooms toilet facility.
  4. Opening of the school.

Phase 2 was financed by The SLCU, Wilde Ganzen, the Netherlands and others. Nassit, CLOZET and Mr Konte. Total cash disbursed in  34.000 euros.

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Phase 3

Phase 3 was implemented in 2016

Phase 3 consisted of the payment of salaries of teachers and management of the school since the opening of the school in January, 2016.

Phase 3 was supported by The SLCU.

Phase 3 was financed by The SLCU members and SLCU Youths. Total cash disbursed in  2100 euros.


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Out target July to December, 2016

  1. We need to increase the number of students from 9 to 50. (we had 14 but 5 dropped out of school)
  2. Recruit 2 full time teachers, and drop 1 or 2-part time teachers
  3. Build the capacity of a strong schoolboard and management of the school.
  4. Complete the guest house!
  5. Lobby for financial support for the school in SIERRA LEONE and the Netherlands
  6. Connect the school with Development in Wasaya and Lungi!
  7. Set up a school website and develop promotion strategy for the school.

I hope you can give your input to formulate a joint proposal and strategy to achieve the above objectives